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Real Estate Advisory

Hermes Capital Partners’is committed to provide sound financial resources and operational expertise to transform undervalued or distressed real estate into growth possibilities or solid operating ventures.

We bring significant intellectual property and advisory experience in the Primary real estate markets in:

- Capital formation
- Consulting & Execution
- Asset Repositioning
- Investment
- Development
We work with Banks and investment companies in the Secondary Market.

Hermes CP is experienced in the secondary market for whole loans, whole loan pools and synthetic securities like Mortgage Backed Securities. We have the expertise to:
- Analyze the underlying security
- Provide research for a present value of distressed loans or portfolios
- Provide market ready investors to purchase the securities

Today's Secondary market is plagued by distressed loan portfolios; for banks and investors alike. The current lack of a liquid secondary marketplace, has diminished wholesale purchases and sales of these loans. Hermes Capital Partners positioning can provide access to both buyer and seller to both performing and non-performing loans at discounted prices.

HermesCP provides research, source and price commercial loan products, including:

- First and second lien products
- Performing, re-performing, sub-performing and non-performing loans
- Fixed and adjustable rate loans
- Agency loans and other residential mortgage asset classes
Typical purchasers of distressed whole loans include:
- Private equity groups, hedge funds
- Real estate developers
- Pension funds
- High-net worth individuals
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