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Mergers & Acquisitions

When pursuing personal and corporate goals, a merger or acquisition may be the solution. Selling all or part of a business can help to achieve liquidity objectives, while acquiring other businesses can accelerate growth.

HermesCP offers a variety of M&A advisory services:

- Valuation of public and/or private entities

- Preparation of comprehensive investment memorandums

- Recommendations regarding optimal timing for a transaction

- Negotiation of terms of purchase or sale agreements

- Identification of financing sources

- Negotiation of terms with financing sources

- Negotiation of employment agreements

Examples of M&A services HermesCP has provided to clients include:

- Developing and implementing acquisition strategies.

- Selling companies by marketing to potential financial and strategic buyers.

- Structuring corporate divestiture programs to sell subsidiaries or assets that are not part of a client’s core focus.

- Executing leveraged management buyout transactions, including sourcing financing investors.

- Coordinating “go-private” transactions for undervalued public entities.

- Managing leveraged recapitalizations for owners seeking partial liquidity.

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