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Merchant Banking

Our Merchant Banking unit invests in corporate, real estate and infrastructure investments. Merchant banking investments are made in selected transactions that the firm underwrites, a strategy that deploying the capital of our ultimate clients – institutional and strategic investors.

The scope of our Merchant Banking’s activities includes:

- Invest in securities with equity participation features with convertible preferred stock or warrants that partner with seasoned management in the middle market.

- Analyzing macro and microeconomic risks inherent in specific industries, companies and real estate assets through extensive due diligence.

- Structuring and executing complex investments, including detailed financial analysis, deal negotiation and transaction execution.

- Assisting portfolio company management and operating partners to create value and grow their businesses or portfolios, including through representation on the Board of Directors and management oversight.

- Assessing the appropriate time and manner in which to harvest an investment.

- Provide discreet and rapid investment capital to pursue control transactions in profitable businesses.

- Advise on strategic direction, financing, acquisitions and merger integration.

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