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Corporate Finance

Hermes Capital Partners provides clients with responsive and sophisticated advisory services as corporate clients pursue middle market transactions.

Middle market firms are often unable to access the public markets at acceptable valuations, if at all, in pursuit of financing. As a result, the sale by companies of structured equity or debt instruments to groups of institutional investors can serve as an attractive alternative. In some capital markets environments, such offerings are the only way for companies to raise capital. Even when a public offering is feasible, private offerings can often be completed in less time and at less cost

HermesCP assists clients in evaluating capital structure options and identifying sources of private financing.

Capital raising services include:

- Debt & equity placement
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Providing advice regarding ongoing capital needs and time-lines.
- Reviewing and developing financial projections
- Assisting in the preparation of confidential private placement memorandums
- Introducing the company to financing sources
- Negotiating terms and structuring the optimal financing transaction.

Our engagement teams work closely with clients to identify opportunities and risks. We are responsive, pay attention to detail and are dedicated to our clients. Through the corporate finance practices of HermesCP member firms and their affiliates, HermesCP has access to vast relationships, knowledge and experience. Our integrated approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel globally.

As part of our services,we deploy leading strategies and quantitative methodologies to help companies make decisions where there are multiple competing trade-offs and objectives for projects designed to help a company grow.

Corporate Finance Advisory services include:

- Capital Efficiency
- Capital Raising Services (Debt & Equity)
- Corporate Development Advisory Services
- Corporate Turnaround Advisory Services
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